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Exam Items for OCSE 500-560 Exams for Modern Environments:
This exam covers Switching, Routing, Wireless, Cloud, and Security solutions for engagements with smaller business customers.
OCSE 500-560 exam: “Cisco Networking: On-Premise and Cloud Solutions”.
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Which is a function performed by the dedicated third radio in MR access points?

A. RF optimization (Auto RF)
B. WLAN controller
C. Site survey planning
D. DHCP addressing


Which feature solution of Cisco DNA Center drives the concept of SLA and guarantees that the infrastructure is doing
what do you intend it to do?

A. Cisco DNA Assurance
B. Cisco ACI Anywhere
C. Cisco DNA Spaces
D. Cisco HyperFlex


Which approach describes the high-velocity Cisco Meraki sales cycle?

A. See, Try, Buy
B. Compete, Pilot, Support
C. POC, QandA, Rollout
D. Discover, Design, Demo


What would be an indicator that a customer could benefit from a Meraki cloud-managed network?

A. Customer needs modular hardware customization and granular, command-line level interfacing

B. Customer prefers direct access to on-premises appliances and servers via in-line terminal management

C. Customer requires end-to-end visibility and a network that can be quickly deployed and easily managed by a limited
IT stat

D. Customer seeks to implement a diverse solution of firewalls with 3rd party integration alongside other clouds


What is the interface used to access the Cisco Meraki Dashboard?

A. Web browser
B. Terminal (Mac) or Command Prompt (Windows)
C. Cisco Los command-line interface (CLI)
D. Secure Shell (SSH)


What do customers using the ISR 4000 and ISR 1100 series routers need to do to enable the Web User interface?

A. nothing, it is configured by default
B. purchase a license and configure an admin account for up to 5 routers
C. complete a configuration process with help from Cisco support
D. purchase a license for the browser-based system


What is one benefit of Cisco Umbrella?

A. view of the network at a fixed point in the past to troubleshoot issues
B. protection against command-and-control callbacks
C. easy hardware installation
D. real-time telemetry


What is one of the key drivers of growing security threats in the market?

A. comprehensive security solutions
B. security solution fragmentation
C. increased demand for cybersecurity professionals
D. hardware with integrated security solution


What is the term given to cloud-brokered site-to-site VPN tunnels built using Cisco Meraki MX Security Appliances?

A. Auto-provisioning IPsec VPN (Auto VPN)
B. Secure Shell tunneling (SSH)
C. Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE)
D. Dynamic Multipoint VPN (DMVPN)


Which Cisco product is the network management system, foundational controller, and analytics platform all the center of
……. network?

A. Cisco DNA Spaces
B. Cisco Meraki
C. Cisco DNA Center
D. Cisco Wireless Solutions


What is the one-way Catalyst 9200 that achieves IT simplicity?

A. view all network devices on a single pane of glass dashboard
B. remote wipe any device on the network
C. direct access devices wirelessly via OTA with Bluetooth
D. enable virtual stacking


What is Cisco Switch Selector?

A. a tool that can help customers compare options and identify the right switch for their needs
B. a dashboard view of all an enterprise\’s switches
C. a configuration tool that helps small business customers rapidly deploy a new switch
D. a cloud-based solution to optimize network performance


Which three product capabilities allow Cisco DNA Spaces to deliver business value?

A. Sense, Act, and Partner
B. View, Interpret, and Act
C. See, Anticipate and Respond
D. See, Act, and Extend


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