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lead4pass 350-501 exam questions q1

Refer to the exhibit. Which effect of this configuration is true?
A. It enables MPLS on the interface.
B. It creates a pseudowire class named cisco.
C. It enables AToM on interface gigabitethernet1/0.
D. It enables tagging for VLAN 12 on the interface.
Correct Answer: C


lead4pass 350-501 exam questions q2

Refer to the exhibit. If the NetFlow configuration is updated to version 9, which additional piece of information can be
A. IPv4 flow information
B. BGP AS information
C. IPv6 flow information
D. flow sequence numbers
Correct Answer: C

An engineer working for a telecommunication company needs to secure the LAN network using a prefix-list. Which best
practice should the engineer follow when he implements a prefix-list?

A. An engineer must identify the prefix list with a number only.
B. The final entry in a prefix list must be /32.
C. An engineer must include only the prefixes for which he needs to log activity.
D. An engineer must use nonsequential sequence numbers in the prefix-list so that he can insert additional entries later.
Correct Answer: D

How can shared services in an MPLS Layer 3 VPN provide Internet access to the Customers of a central service
A. Static routes on CE routers allow route leakage from a PE global routing table.
B. The CE router can establish a BGP peering to a PE router and use the PE device to reach the Internet.
C. The customer VRF uses route targets to import and export routes to and from a shared services VRF.
D. Route distinguishers are used to identify the routes that CEs can use to reach the Internet.
Correct Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. What does this value mean when it is received in XML?
A. It indicates a value assigned by a network administrator to tag a route.
B. It indicates a break in a sequence.
C. It means a data field is blank.
D. It shows the ending of the script.
Correct Answer: D

Which statement about LDP Session Protection and LDP-IGP sync is true?
A. Both LDP features cannot be used at the same time in an MPLS LDP enabled network
B. LDP Session Protection re-exchanges label information when a down-up event occurs; LDP-IGP sync keeps the
adjacency and label information in a down-up event

C. LDP-IGP sync re-exchanges label information when a down-up event occurs; LDP Session Protection keeps the
adjacency and label information in a down-up event
D. Both LDP features must be used together to increase fast convergence on an MPLS LDP-enabled network
Correct Answer: D


lead4pass 350-501 exam questions q7

Refer to the exhibit. A network engineer is configuring customer edge routers to finalize a L2VPN over MPLS
deployment. Assume that the AToM L2VPN service that connects the two CEs is configured correctly on the service
provider network.
Which action causes the solution to failing?
A. OSPF does not work with L2VPN services.
B. The routing protocol network types are not compatible.
C. A loopback with a /32 IP address has not been used.
D. The connect statement has not been defined.
Correct Answer: B


Drag and drop the functionalities from the left onto the correct target fields on the right.
Select and Place:

lead4pass 350-501 exam questions q7

Correct Answer:

lead4pass 350-501 exam questions q8-1


lead4pass 350-501 exam questions q9

Refer to the exhibit. This configuration is being applied to an IOS XR router. Which statement about this configuration is
A. It is used to enable gRPC.
B. It is used to create a streaming subscription with a 600-second interval.
C. It is used to set up the configuration to poll network data.
D. It is used to create a streaming subscription with a 60-Second interval.
Correct Answer: D


lead4pass 350-501 exam questions q10

Refer to the exhibit. Which two statements about the IS-IS topology are true? (Choose two.)
A. R1 and R4 are Level 2 neighbors.
B. All four routers are operating as Level 1-2 routers.
C. All four routers are operating as Level 2 routers only.
D. All four routers are operating as Level 1 routers only.
E. R1 and R2 are Level 2 neighbors.
Correct Answer: AB

An engineer is setting up overlapping VPNs to allow VRF ABC and XYZ to communicate with VRF CENTRAL but wants
to make sure that VRF ABC and XYZ cannot communicate. Which configuration accomplishes these objectives?

lead4pass 350-501 exam questions q11
lead4pass 350-501 exam questions q11-1

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D
Correct Answer: B

Which configuration enables BGP FlowSpec client function and installation of policies on all local interfaces?
A. flowspec address-family ipv4 local-install interface-all
B. flowspec address-family ipv4 install interface-all local
C. flowspec address-family ipv4 install interface-all
D. flowspec address-family ipv4 local-install all-interface
Correct Answer: A

A customer of an ISP request supports to set up a BGP routing policy. Which BGP attribute should be configured to
choose specific BGP speakers as preferred points for the customer AS?
A. lowest multi-exit discriminator
B. highest local preference outbound
C. lowest local preference inbound
D. highest local preference inbound
Correct Answer: B

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