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1Y0-A16 dumps
Scenario: Before upgrading or expanding the Healthy Helping Hands environment, an architect wants to be sure that all current application issues are identified so they can be addressed.
Based on the assessment document, which two tools would be best suited to ensure all current issues have been identified before moving forward with the project? (Choose two.)
A. EdgeSight
B. Resource Manager
C. Windows Event Logs
D. Windows Performance Monitor
Correct Answer: AC

Based on the assessment document, which two actions must the architect take regarding Citrix licensing in order to properly assess the environment? (Choose two.)
A. Restart the IIS Service.
B. Restart the Citrix Licensing Service.
C. Add the REPORTLOG keyword to the options file.
D. Create a file called REPORT.LOG in C:\Program Files\Citrix\MyFiles.
E. Select a network share to which the local system account has write access.
Correct Answer: BC

Scenario: The IT manager at Healthy Helping Hands decided to pilot EdgeSight on the existing Presentation Server 4.0 farm to gather information regarding the slow logon times that Human Resources users are experiencing. The administrators completed the following tasks:
1. Installed the EdgeSight Server on a Windows Server 2003 SP1 server with the appropriate software versions for all prerequisites documented in the EdgeSight Installation Guide
2. Installed the EdgeSight Web Server, SQL Server 2005 SP2 Database with Reporting Services and EdgeSight console on a single server for the pilot
3. Installed the EdgeSight agent on all eight of the servers in the Presentation Server 4.0 farm
4. Configured EdgeSight to use the default worker and agent settings
5. Verified that all eight of the agents reported to the EdgeSight console within the first 24 hours after installation
After seven days, the data is examined and the reports show the following:
Session information, such as Logon Time and Session ID, is captured and reported for all the user sessions. 1Y0-A16 dumps Detailed information about the logon experience, such as the Profile Load Time (PLSD) or Logon Script Execution time (LSESD), is displayed in the reports.
Which statement accurately describes why the End-User Experience Metrics (EUEM) is unavailable through the default reports on the EdgeSight Console?
A. These metrics are available but must be accessed by querying the agent’s local Firebird database directly.
B. These metrics are available in the EdgeSight SQL database; a custom report can be created through Reporting Services.
C. The Human Resource users are accessing the Presentation Server 4.0 environment using an unsupported Citrix plug-in that does not send the metrics.
D. The server running Presentation Server 4.0 does not support the collection of these metrics because the server is unaware of the EUEM virtual ICA channel.
Correct Answer: D

— Exhibit —
1Y0-A16 dumps
— Exhibit —
Scenario: Healthy Helping Hands has created a new pilot XenApp 5 Platinum Edition farm with applications delivered to 25 pilot users. The pilot farm includes all the applications that were previously published to the HR users and some additional applications to support Manufacturing. During the pilot week of September 14th, the users of the PositivelyPeople application reported that the application was responding slowly.
Fortunately, EdgeSight had been installed and configured in the pilot farm and was recording data during the pilot. Attached in the exhibit is the information gathered from the Transaction Network Delay report from EdgeSight.
Which theory effectively explains the data that is presented in the report?
A. The XenApp server is waiting on another host to respond, most likely the server hosting the PositivelyPeople database.
B. The XenApp server is waiting on the network packet queue to clear as evidenced by the 9ms network latency being reported.
C. The XenApp server is reaching maximum capacity, and the lack of physical resources on the XenApp server is causing the response delay.
D. The Network Delay on 9/19/2009 is probably the source of complaints from the HR Users. An average network latency of almost 9ms is unacceptable.
Correct Answer: A

Healthy Helping Hands has decided to replace the PCs used by the Customer Service and Manufacturing teams with new thin clients, as the PCs are running operating systems which are no longer covered by extended support.
How many of these thin clients will need to be purchased?
A. 50
B. 250
C. 3000
D. 3050
Correct Answer: B

How should an architect recommend delivering applications to the Manufacturing users at Healthy Helping Hands?
A. Publish the applications to new PCs.
B. Publish the applications to their existing devices.
C. Use XenDesktop to deliver disk-based thin clients.
D. Publish the applications to new diskless thin clients.
Correct Answer: D

Scenario: The IT managers at Healthy Helping Hands are looking into making New York and San Francisco their two principal sites, each capable of failing over to the other. This will be one of the major requirements for the Citrix infrastructure design.
Which two backend infrastructure components need improvements in disaster recovery support as part of this project? (Choose two.)
A. HP SAN storage
B. User Profile server
C. PositivelyPeople database
D. Terminal Services license server
Correct Answer: CD

Which two components need to be included in the updated disaster recovery plan, given the current Disaster Recovery Plan as outlined in the assessment document? (Choose two.)
A. EdgeSight database
B. User data directories
C. Citrix XenApp servers
D. User profile directories
E. PositivelyPeople database
Correct Answer: CE

Scenario: In order to plan for the possibility of a pandemic flu, the HR department for Healthy Helping Hands has asked an architect to test whether the infrastructure could accommodate 300 key or “at risk” workers working from home over a two week period.
1Y0-A16 dumps Based on the information in the assessment document, can the existing infrastructure support such a situation?
A. No, there are insufficient licenses available to support this requirement.
B. Yes, sufficient capacity exists to support this temporary requirement; no action is required.
C. No, two additional servers are required to support the remote workers during this two week period.
D. No, the Secure Gateway/Web Interface server has insufficient capacity to support this requirement.
Correct Answer: A

Scenario: As part of a government initiative to provide support to the general public during a global pandemic, Healthy Helping Hands is required to contribute to a national helpline service. This will require an additional 500 to 2000 users to be logged into the Healthy Helping Hands applications. To comply with this requirement, Healthy Helping Hands will need to provide the additional capacity within 24 hours of the request. The additional capacity must also be fully secure and fault tolerant.
Based on the current infrastructure, how would the architect meet the requirement in this scenario?
A. The current infrastructure would only require publishing additional applications in the current XenApp farm.
B. To meet capacity requirements, XenDesktop would be required to allow additional connections to be made.
C. The current infrastructure would only require the Secure Gateway/Web Interface components to be upgraded.
D. To meet capacity requirements a Provisioning Services server would be required to bring additional server capacity online when required.
Correct Answer: D

Scenario: The IT managers at Healthy Helping Hands want to develop a new virtualized environment based out of their San Francisco and New York sites to provide applications to all of their staff. This represents a large increase in the number of servers and users from the current system.
Which option represents a technical challenge that needs to be overcome in order to meet this objective?
A. Disabled user Logon Scripts
B. Minimal set of Group Policy Objects
C. Local User Profiles on XenApp Servers
D. All Citrix servers isolated in a separate OU
Correct Answer: C

Based on the CIO’s WAN traffic requirement, users at which two locations would have a single point of failure when attempting to access applications? (Choose two.)
A. Hong Kong Site
B. Berlin Regional Office
C. Rome Sales Branch Office
D. New York Main Data Center
Correct Answer: BC

Based on the CIO’s WAN traffic requirement, users at which two locations would have a single point of failure when attempting to access to their applications? (Choose two.)
A. New York Main Site
B. San Francisco Office
C. Berlin Regional Office
D. Manchester Branch Sales Office
Correct Answer: CD

Scenario: The IT managers at Healthy Helping Hands are updating their environment. Recently the HR users have been experiencing intermittent outages in remote access to their application.
Which solution should be included in the project to address this problem?
A. Issue company laptops to HR users.
B. Replace the existing Secure Gateway server.
C. Add a second Secure Gateway server to the environment.
D. Request that HR users upgrade their Internet connections.
Correct Answer: B

Scenario: The Healthy Helping Hands infrastructure assessment identified that the Manufacturing team has access to locked-down terminals in order to complete their work. However, frequent breakdowns due to unauthorized software installations have caused productivity problems for the Manufacturing staff.
How can an architect reduce the breakdowns as the applications are moved to a virtual environment?
A. Upgrade the workstations to new computers.
B. Lock the workstations using local group policies.
C. Upgrade the workstations to diskless computers.
D. Deploy the Desktop Appliance Lock on all workstations.
Correct Answer: D

The IT managers at Healthy Helping Hands plan to move all application access to XenApp and request that all users are able to connect to published resources from their home computers. 1Y0-A16 dumps
After reviewing the infrastructure assessment, which risk may result in a user being unable to connect?
A. Client computer is an Apple Macintosh.
B. User only has a 512Kbps Internet connection.
C. Client files are not available on the Web Interface server.
D. User does not have administrative permissions on the client computer.
Correct Answer: C

In the future upgraded environment, Healthy Helping Hands wants to provide the IT department with the ability to interact with user sessions for training and troubleshooting without compromising security demands.
How can an architect meet the needs of the Healthy Helping Hands IT department?
A. Enable shadowing in the current environment.
B. Use Group Policy to enable Microsoft Remote Support.
C. Purchase licenses for a third party remote viewing software.
D. Enable shadowing once the environment is migrated to XenApp 5.
Correct Answer: D

Scenario: Several users in the HR user group will be traveling to trade conferences this year to meet industry training requirements and stay current on developing trends in the field. While working remotely, these users will need to upload presentations and training material distributed during the conferences onto sponsored USB keys.
Based on the analysis document, how can an architect ensure that the current environment allows the HR user group to meet this need?
A. Edit the HR Users policy to allow client mappings.
B. Provide a secure FTP site for presentation and training material uploads.
C. Maintain the current environment since it currently allows users to map their drives.
D. Move the Secure Gateway/Web Interface server to the DMZ in the environment to allow for remote connections.
Correct Answer: A

Scenario: In order to ensure that additional servers and client desktops can be made available as quickly as possible, Healthy Helping Hands is eager to take advantage of the functionality of Provisioning Services to provide virtual hard drives for virtual servers and workstations. However, one of the main requirements from Healthy Helping Hands is that virtualized applications should seamlessly failover to the designated backup datacenter when necessary.
What should an architect suggest for the storage of desktop and/or server vDisks in order to comply with the company’s requirement?
A. A distributed SAN to store all virtual hard drives
B. A centralized SAN to store all virtual hard drives
C. The local hard drive of the user’s file or profile server to store the virtual hard drives
D. The local hard drive of the first Provisioning Services server installed to store the virtual hard drives
Correct Answer: A

Due to difficulties with the current Secure Gateway environment, an architect has been asked to ensure that remote users will only have to enter their credentials once in order to gain secure access to all of their resources.
Which architectural components are required to best achieve this goal?
A. Web Interface with 128-bit SSL enabled and Password Manager
B. Access Gateway, Advanced Access Control and Password Manager
C. Web Interface with 128-bit SSL, Advanced Access Control and Password Manager
D. Access Gateway, Web Interface, Advanced Access Control and Password Manager
Correct Answer: D

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